28 April 2013

Nursing Intervention for Diuretics therapy

The increase renal excretion of water,sodium and other electrolytes,there by increasing urine formation and output

Nursing Intervention for Diuretics therapy

  • Take safety precautions.
  • Given in early morning and early afternoon,if ordered BD
  • Weight the client daily while edema is present
  • Maintain strict input output in every shift
  • Observe and record characteristics of urine.
  • Check daily foe edema in all parts of body eg.ankles,abdominal,girth etc.
  • Watch for serum K+ level,ECG changes,hypotension,and s/s of dehydration.
  • Instruct to take with meals.
  • Provide good mouth care.
  • Advise for high potassium diet if k+ losing diuretics(thaizides,lasix)are used