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Dopamine and Doputamine hcl and Nursing Responsibilities

Dopamine and Doputamine:
Indicated in radiogenic shock,renal failure,cardiac surgery,septicemia and infarction.It  increases cardiac output and systolic blood pressure.In low doses,It reduces renal vascular resistance,which increases filtration rate and urinary output.
Advrses Effects
urinary output.

Nursing Responsibilities

  • Must be administered cautiously as even small error can produce hazardous effects
  • Always dilute drug and do not mix with other drugs
  • Protect from light
  • Infuse into a large vein
  • Closely Monitor Blood Pressure and urinary output frequently
  • Incompatible with alkaline solutions do not mix with sodium bicarbonate injection
  • Check skin around the I/V site for extravasations or necrosis
  • I/V solution remain stable for 24 hours use within 24 hours through an infusion pump


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