2 June 2012

Nursing Intervention for ICP (increased Intracranial Pressure)

Nursing Intervention for ICP (increased Intracranial Pressure)
  • Assess respiratory and neurological status
  • Vital Sign's Monitor and Documents (Plus,Blood Pressure)
  • Check Laboratory Test such as CPP
  • Administration oxygen as order
  • Give medication therapy as order
  • Maintain Nutritional and food status
  • Maintain Diet plan give soft and healthy meal according to ditreation order
  • Sucction only as needed
  • keep the patient in semi-Fowler's positions
  • promot healthy and comfortable environmental
  • educate client's about every kind of procedure
  • assist with turning,coughing,and deep breathing
  • Maintain the position and patency of the NG tube
  • Enforce bed rest
  • promote mouth care and skin care
  • Maintain skin care change position every hourly to prevent bed sore
  • Maintain seizure precautions
  • Provide emotional support client's and his family