18 May 2012

Nursing Intervention for Tracheostomy Client/Patient

The goals of tracheostomy care are to maintain the patency of the airway, prevent breakdown of the skin surrounding the site, and prevent infection. Sterile technique should be used during the procedure.

Nursing Intervention for Tracheostomy
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Maintain sterile technique when suctioning
  • Suction only when necessary
  • Keep obturator at bedside
  • Trach care to remove dried and crusted secretions from inner cannula
  • Contact physician
  • Apply pressure to site with petroleum gauze in and around tracheal opening
  • Prepare patient for surgery is indicated
  • Monitor vital signs
  • Assess sputum for color consistency, odor
  • Assess tracheal stoma for cardinal signs of infection,redness, edema, pain drainage
  • Administer antibiotics as ordered by physician
  • Replace trach tube using obturator
  • If unable to replace trach tube, call physician and resuscitation team as needed
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