2 March 2012

What is Rhinitis?Nursing Care and Intervention

Rhinitis is a group of disorders characterized by inflammation and irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose. It may be classified as nonallergic or allergic.Rhinitis may be an acute or chronic condition

Nursing Intervention For Rhinitis Client
  • Teach the client the proper use of saline nasal sprays by blowing his nose first then administer the nasal medication.
  • Assist the client when he or she is advised for immunotherapy.
  • Administer antihistamines, decongestants and topical corticosteroids. Caution clients to avoid driving vehicles whenever he or she is on antihistamines or decongestants.
  • Encourage a routine cleaning of the house, furnitures and equipments which may house dust and other pollens.
  • There are second generation anti-histamines that are non-drowsing. These are appropriate for clients who cannot avoid working while the allergy is going on. Their work won’t be interfered