3 March 2012

What is Migraines?Nursing Care Diagnosis and Intervention

What is Migraines?
Migraines are the worst most painful sort of headaches. These headaches are fierce and severe and can last for several hours or a couple days. Migraines are caused by the constricting and swelling of blood vessels on one side of the brain, and it is thought that they may be genetic, this, however, is still uncertain.

Signs and Symptoms For Migraines
Migraines are often preceded by
· Feelings of nausea and sickness
· Blurred vision
Flashing lights in front of the eyes
Once they have begun, migraines…
· Start as a sharp throbbing pain on one side of the head which may spread as the headache
· The person may become very nauseas which may lead to vomiting
· The person may be very sensitive to light, noise, and certain foods.

Nursing Diagnosis For Migraines
Acute Pain

Nursing Intervention For Migraines
  •  Assess complaints of pain, note the intensity with pain scale 0 -10, pain characteristics (eg heavy, throbbing, constant) location, duration, factors that aggravate or relieve.
  •  Observation of nonverbal signs of pain, are like: facial expression, posture, restlessness, crying / grimacing, withdrawal, diaphoresis, changes in the frequency of cardiac / respiratory, blood pressure.
  •  Note the distinct possibility of pathophysiology, such as brain / meningeal / sinus infection, cervical trauma, hypertension or trauma.
  •  Make sure the duration / episode of the problem, who has been consulted, and drug and / or what therapy was used.
  •     Instruct patient to report pain immediately if the pain arises.
  •     Assess the relationship between physical / emotional state of a person.
  •     Note the influence of pain such as: loss of interest in life, decreased activity, weight loss.
  •    Suggest to rest in a quiet room.
  •    Observation of nausea / vomiting.
  •    Instruct the patient to use a positive statement "I am cured, I'm relaxing, I love this life." Advise patient to realize the internal-external dialogue and say "stop" or "delayed" if it appears that negative thoughts.