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Otitis media (OM) and Nursing Intervention

Otitis media (OM), inflammation of the middle ear, is one of the most common diseases of early childhood.

Nursing Intervention for Otitis media Child
Administer analgesics as ordered to provide pain relief.
Heat pack application over the ear may relieve pain for some children.
Position child on the affected side to promote drainage (if draining, or
postoperatively after myringotomy).
Parent teaching about prophylactic care
• Position infants as upright as possible during feeding to avoid reflux
of formula into eustachian tube.
• Avoid smoking around infants and children.
Assist in removal of drainage, when possible
• Postoperative support may include wicks inserted loosely in the ear
to promote drainage but prevent infection transfer to middle ear.
• Frequent cleansing of outer ear and moisture barrier on ear to protect
from purulent drainage.
Family-centered care
 Educating the family in care of child
• Analgesia for pain management
• Postoperative care to prevent spread of infection and promote healing
 Providing emotional support to the child and family
• Explain the process for management of drainage.
• Encourage follow-up evaluation of hearing to detect any loss of
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